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I am running a small business for antique articles. I was very upset due the falling sales of my business, I had recently hired a new secretary for me and she has told me that she is perfect in doing body massage, which she had leant from her mother, and wanted to start her own massage parlor business. One day I was feeling very tired and just asked her if she could give me a body massage.

She got ready for that and made me to lay on the couch, she started working on my body and her hands were touching my dick again. Soon my dick got rock hardened and I removed the towel which was the only thing I was wearing. She knew what to do now, my thick hard dick was hardly coming in her fist. She came over me and started sucking my dick; I licked her cunt and scrolled my tongue deep inside her pussy. She had sucked my entire dick and I was relaxed now.

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I am working as a teacher, Mr. James and Miss Lola is my colleague and good friends. Lola is very close to me and she had told me that she have regular sex with Mr. James at his home. She knew that I am a virgin and never tasted a dick, we could simulate a massage parlor and play, as a teen and milf share big cock. One day, Lola came to me and told me that she had discussed all about me with James and he wants both of us to have fun together with him. It just came as an opportunity for me to lose my virginity.

Me and Miss Lola reached at his home and James was totally naked on his bed. Lola had Just taken is big dick and started sucking it. For me it was going to be a new experience, she asked me to suck his dick and she herself kept on holding his dick. I just started sucking him and let his dick to explore my mouth completely. James was coming and his cum over my lips and my chin.

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