Polish Massage

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Me and my boyfriend were on a holiday trip and just checked in our hotel. After taking rest in last night we had our breakfast and started doing sightseeing nearby. When we returned, my boyfriend asked me to get spa service in the hotel. We both gone to take the spa, my boyfriend were just in red towel and I was in my red bikini in the fantasy massage parlor. I just saw his big dick coming out of towel and I told the spa people to give us some time.

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I knew what my boyfriend should get the special blonde Natasha Starr blowjob at the moment. I just grabbed his dick and started sucking, I came over him and he started licking my pussy and ass hole. I was shaking his dick now and sucking all the cum coming out of that. Now we were ready for spa.

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Erotic 69 Oral Job

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I met with Nick on a dating site and we shared all our interests before meeting each other. We had lots of adult chat and were open to have sex. We planned that I will meet nick at his home.  It was Sunday and I reached at his home. We were not having much to talk and just get close to each other. We wanted to taste each other, so I came over him and told him to fuck my face; he also started licking my pussy.
He licked me so badly that I just came out; I was the famous teen brunette Jay Taylor, massage parlor owner. I sucked him completely and his cum was all over my face. It was my first date and I enjoyed a lot.

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Contest Winner

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I am working as office assistant to my lady boss. Last Sunday I was enjoying my holiday at home and I just received a call from my Boss. She asked me to come to her home immediately, as she was having some urgent work, and she was heading to a massage parlor.  I just rushed to her home and found that the main door was already open. I searched her everywhere but when I couldn’t find her, I gone to the pool she was sitting there.
When I asked her for the work, this 18yo girl who gives massages, she just shown me her breasts and told me that she need me today. I was ready and happy to fuck my boss. She first took my hard dick and sucked it, and then she came over me making her back towards my face and got my dick inside her. I was just feeling myself flying in the sky, as I was fucking her by hard. My boss had made my Sunday wonderful.

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In The Pool – Happy Ending Massage

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I am a 40 year old working guy. My wife had left me a few months back, I am very much fond of sex and now my life was getting boring without sex. My colleague knew everything about me and he had taken me to a massage parlor.

I have chosen the girl for spa service and she was ready in her pink bikini to offer her service. I told her that I am not interested in massage but need good blow job. She smiled and just taken my hardened dick out of the towel. She started kissing on the tip and put her pussy on my face. She my real horny and was perfect in blow job, she made me to explore her moth and sucked me totally. I was happy now , as my dick was feeling relaxed.

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Looking For My Dog

I am a purchase manager in a big garment manufacturing unit. Our company has planned for expansion and we were getting tenders from machinery manufacturers. I just received a call from one of my vendors and she was a lady, she had requested me to meet her in the hotel in which she was staying.

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I just reached her room and asked her for quotations, she was very smart and told me that we would have some fun and then will discuss business, maybe go to a massage parlor to talk. My dick was going to burst after hearing her voice and I get a creepy massage. He got my hardened dick and started sucking it and made me to suck her wet pussy, she was so yummy… she sucked me very hard and taken all my cum on her boobs. She knew that I will recommend her deal now…

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Pain In The Groin

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My boyfriend had just arrived after 2 years studying business at abroad and I was very excited to meet him. I just reached his home; he was waiting for me and was lying on his bed fully naked. I just hugged him by holding his rock hard dick; it was two years back when he had fucked me in a massage spa. I just started giving him a blow job and he was ready to bang my pussy.

I was already wet enough, so he entered easily. He was kissing my body and giving me hard strokes. He fucked my pussy badly. I had shaken his dick and got his cum on my face, as I was having a pussy licking orgasm. I had been waiting for that day from long time.

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Don’t Get Caught

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I am Jeanie, got my first job in a massage parlor. It was my first day and I was very nervous, I got and he was ready for my service. I started from his thighs and my fingers were touching his balls. When he turned up, his dick was hardened and it seems like he was looking for a blow job. Without asking him I just took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it gently.

I just looked at his face he was too happy with me. I got confident and started sucking him, it had taken few minutes to make him come, I have got his come over my lips and my nose, and he said “Jeanie Marie, perfect blowjob!” I have never thought that my job will become so easy and enjoyable…

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Happy Massage – Cabana Package

I am working in a hotel and the owner of the hotel had recently spent a lot of money to renovate and rebranding of hotel, adding a massage parlor to increase clientele. We started getting millionaires as our customers now, I still remember my first millionaire customer and I was responsible to make him satisfied. He has just come to me for sweet nuru massage and I had taken him to the massage room.

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I never wanted to take any chances and started massaging his body with full spirit; I gave massage to his dick also. It was a long thick dick in my hand; I just kissed on the tip and then took full dick in my mouth. As he started feeling good I came over him and offered my pussy to suck. I just make his dick to bust and swallowed his cum. He was very happy with my service.

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Good Deal

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I am an engineer working in abroad. I just received a call from my father that he is going to marry again; my father was very much alone after my mother left. I was quite happy with that, I was also coming back to my home by next month. The day come when I reached my home, but my father had some urgent work out of the town, so couldn’t meet him on the same day.

I met my stepmother in the massageparlor; she was very nice to me. After my dinner I was just about to sleep, she came in my room in her tiny nighty. She sit on the chair, I saw she was not wearing panty, my dick was getting hardened. I just gone close to her and touched her clitoris, she was ready to come over me. She kissed me all over my body and sucked my dick, I made her to come by licking her pussy. It was a great surprise to me…

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My Mom Taught Me To Work

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My name is Jim and I am a pussy lover. The best part in sex is when a cute horny  teen Kota Sky sucks my dick, I was looking for the best suck. My friend has told me about a girl who works in a massage parlor and she is perfect in sucking job.

I have got the address and reached the parlor and got that girl for massage service. I had just cleared him what I want, she had given me a body massage and then took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking it so nicely that I was delighted, my tip my feeling her teeth and that was giving me much pleasure, she sucked me for 15 minutes and then my cum was over her lips. It was really a perfect blow job..

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